FemmeCare by Gloria Zingales

The FemmeCare Artist Showcase at Ludlow Studios was a huge success! An enormous thank you to our partners, everyone who worked to make this possible and for the abundance of donations. The space was filled with some incredible artwork and the light and love of those who attended.

We had THINX's She-EO and Co-Founder Miki Agrawal speak on periods and providing dignity. There was also a THINX pop-in so people could see the period panty magic in person! 

By the end of the night, we had about six enormous cardboard boxes full of various feminine hygiene product donations. Those donations were picked up and distributed by the organization Women In Need (WIN). 

Check out the Washington Square News article on us!

We are so excited to be moving forward. We have a lot exciting ideas for the future so be sure to stay tuned. A FemmeCare website is in the works and will be linked here as soon as it's ready for the public! 

Huge thank you to Morgan Collins for the photo coverage.

Photos in order of appearance: the donation table, Miki Agrawal, Maria Marrone's photography, one of Lea Carey's print from her series Collective Joy, my co-founder Edelawit Hussein with Miki Agrawal, Nigella Miller and I, our volunteer Ani Mesa collecting donations, our DJ Azula Wilson, Bianca Valle and her boyfriend in front of her photography, Isabella Tan's photography, Ella Barnes in front of her thesis series "she", a photo from Ella's series, and THINX panties! 

Artists showcased that are not present in this photo series: Maya Baroody and Chioma Nwana 

FemmeCare Artist Showcase by Gloria Zingales

After months of hard work, I am so excited to announce the next FemmeCare event: an artist showcase and discussion. 

We teamed up with some of the best and most innovative women in the business for feminine hygiene products and feminist activism. LOLA, THINX, Got a Girl Crush and Gurlstalk have all helped to make this exciting event possible.

Taking place on Sunday February 21st, 2016, this event will center around three main goals:

-collecting feminine hygiene product donations to provide women in need with basic healthcare.

-breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation through discussion. 

-showcasing and celebrating artwork from seven young women artists.

Our newest visual designed always by the lovely  Lea Carey  

Our newest visual designed always by the lovely Lea Carey 

Click here to learn more about our partners, the event itself or to invite your friends.

Stay tuned here for photos, coverage and press hype about the event!