FemmeCare Drive by Gloria Zingales

This Saturday, November 7th I will be hosting a feminine hygiene product drive for homeless women in New York City. This drive is something I've been thinking about since the spring and was first inspired by the movement in London called The Homeless Period. My goal in creating this drive was to help foster a sense of solidarity amongst all woman through breaking the taboo surrounding cycles and menstruation. As women, we are made to feel that our cycles should not be discussed and are gross leading us to ignore a major difficulty that homeless women face. It is important to help girls and women everywhere to feel safe and comfortable within their own bodies. Periods are a sign of health and life! Let's celebrate them and help each other out!  

The drive was recently sponsored by menstrual cup brand Lunacups ! I am beyond honored and excited. 

Events of the day were covered by two local NYU newspapers: Washington Square News and The Odyssey

Our flyer was designed by the incredible San Francisco based artist Lea Carey