Glossier You / by Gloria Zingales

Glossier You was an experiential pop up created for the launch of Glossier's new fragrance You.

Inspired by the interactive nature of magic shows, performance art and shows like Punch Drunk Love's Sleep No More, Founder and CEO of Glossier Emily Weiss wanted to create a space for the brand's fragrance unlike anything else. "Everything about the experience is unique, from the way the customers physically interact with the fragrance to how the editors talk to the customers. We're excited to be bringing Glossier You to life offline in a totally weird and unexpectedly luxurious way", Weiss tells Architectural Digest. 

Those who entered the lush red velveted antechamber, accompanied by an ASMR style whispering loop in the place of music on speakers hidden within the walls, would almost unanimously invoke the likes of David Lynch, Wes Anderson and Willy Wonka as immediate references. 

I, alongside about twenty other cast-members, had the pleasure of performing in the pop up as the red-suited and more mysterious version of a sales associate. While we were there to sell the fragrance that was not the most impactful or important portion of our interactions with customers. Our characters- whimsical, mysterious, playful and sexy- left most people feeling like they had entered into a separate dimension without knowing it. 

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Below are photos I took of the space and the characters!